Counselling & Therapy

Finding new ways to well-being

Counselling and therapy in Lewes


A safe and confidential counselling service for those seeking refuge from life pressures. 


Sometimes all we need is a space to sit and be outside our own particular daily round. Other times we can yearn for the chance to see ourselves more clearly to better understand who we are and how we want to live. 

If either sounds important for you right now, whatever life difficulties you might be having, I offer an initial consultation where you can find out more about how I support people to find new ways to well-being. 


Hi, Iā€™m Chris Horton

BA (Hons), MA (Sussex), MBA (Open), Dip. TA Practice

Based in Lewes I work with clients in my private practice and alongside colleagues in a counselling team at a local hospice. 




Although my work is grounded in an established theory of personality I believe that change for my clients emerges from the unique relationship we create together.

Why counselling?


Whoever said being a person was easy? Taking time out to talk through our difficulties with a trained counsellor can help us better understand ourselves.



To arrange an initial consultation please either call and leave a message, use the contact form or e-mail me directly and I will get back in touch with you.